Traffic Problems


In May 2005, a confidential internal council report on Leeds traffic problems acknowledged that the A65 and the A660 are the most congested routes in Leeds. These radial roads are operating at maximum capacity for long periods each day, and the only way to move more vehicles is to extend the morning and evening peaks. The position is expected to deteriorate further with the redevelopment of the Kirkstall Forge, ARLA Foods and Yorkshire Chemicals sites, and the expansion of Leeds & Bradford international airport.

After a long struggle, which included formal complaints to the Information Commissioner, the council finally released this secret report. You can download copies here and judge for yourself why the Tory / Lib Dem / Green administration wanted to keep them secret.

A65 report158KBmain report text and tables 13 May 2005
Figure 01432KBam traffic speeds
Figure 02430KBpm traffic speeds
Figure 031729KBcentral area cordon
Figure 042149KBam peak traffic vols
Figure 052151KBpm peak traffic vols
Figure 061642KBlengths and sites for concern
Figure 072398KBdevelopment proposals & highway improvements
Figure 08933KBorigin - destination data
Figure 091154KBaccessibility zones
Figure 10697KBeffect of High Royds
Figure 11700KBeffect of Kirkstall Forge
Figure 121513KBcumulative effect

All 12 figures are detailed PDF files which are intended for printing at A3 size.

The report's seven principal conclusions are reproduced below:

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